Interested in Happy Fun Co-ed Hockey?

Haig Seferian and Scot Cameron were running out of safe places to play hockey so they started the SHL. It’s for players that just want to have fun playing hockey – NON-COMPETITIVE, no contact, no crap allowed. Co-ed, Mixed-Skill levels. Not perfect but we love it.

Join us now for our 2022 Spring-Summer session

Register yourself again to join the next season here. It’s only $390/player and most games are in Burlington at Appleby 3. Ice from April 2022 to September. Please register if you would like to join us.

About Our Players

We really are only interested in hockey players that want to play a happy fun version of the game with their friends and then join them at QBs after the game. There are plenty of other hockey leagues available for you to get exercise and compete to win – we’re not that.


Summer 2022 Registration

Pay for Summer 2022 ($290) – or email $ to us hey SHLers… We have April to September booked for SHL Summer hockey. Can’t wait to see everyone again. Let us know if you’re back in or just register again. Thanks! Scot and Haig


send us an email if you have a question –